Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Social Twitter World...

This weekend a friend of mine took some time to teach an old dog (me) some new Twitter tricks. Had no idea that there was so much going on ALL the time. Sure I knew about the tweets of the mega stars and how Lady Gaga tweeted a pic without makeup but who knew about trending topics??

Sounds like something you learn in a PoliSci class! "The new trending topic on the Hill today..."

So, the trending topics in the US right now?? They are:

#IndieFilmLove Promoted
Kidrauhl Owns Our Hearts
That Tupac
OMW To School

Well, that is specifically at 8:04 AM. It changes practically minutely. Then there are trending topics -- worldwide. Those topics now are:

#IndieFilmLove Promoted
Christopher Pain
Craig Thompson
Pinoy JS Prom Memories
Kidrauhl Owns Our Hearts

See? Very different. You can change the settings so you can see what different parts of the world are talking about. That excites me! To be a part of the ongoing person-to-person conversation anywhere in the world. To be able to take the pulse of a group of people without huge phone bills. Totally awesome.

So, if you think Twitter is just for kids, think again! There's so much more if you deign to look.

Have a happy Monday and hit the trend topic -- #DearMonday to see how many people just love Monday. LOL!!


  1. I learn something new about Twitter every day. I am happy for you that you have someone to help you figure it all out.

    I am new here from Book Blogs. :) I look forward to checking out your site.


  2. Thanks Jess. It is nice to have someone to ask!