Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Thoughts: Falling For You

Creative, funny and true-to-life.  Aurora St. Claire is tall, blonde and gorgeous.  Your normal stereotype romance heroine, right? Wrong.

Aurora, Rory to her friends, is a people person but shies away from anything that she feels requires even a modicum of bookishness.  She has a learning disability that paralyzes her if it's spotted.  Rory's also prone to panic attacks.  Did I mention that Rory has never taken a job that requires her to use a computer?? Not your typical femme fatale in our modern era but that's part of the beauty that is Falling For You by Julie Ortolon, a USA Best-Selling author.

Couple Rory with an uber-handsome brother, a porcelain beauty of a sister, a quaint waterfront Texan town with old money families and even older gossipers -- how can Rory find love in a place where her family's scandalous past precedes her? In typical Rory style -- wing it!

In walks Clark Kent-like, Chance Chancellor.  A geeky banker who went to school with Rory's older brother, Adrian.  But he's totally out of Rory's league and Rory knows it (he's from one of those old money families...)!

One fateful bright and sunny day, Rory's dream house goes up for sale and that galvanizes her into action.  In her incessant surge towards owning the house, she draws towards her a series of events that leaves everyone in Galveston panting for breath!

Read how Rory finds love in an emotionally charged situation that close up loose ends for both her generation and the generations past.

Rating: 3.7 Blogairy Notebooks


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  2. Thanks Judy! Checked out your blog & love the pics. Very colorful!