Blogairy Notebook Scale

Book Thoughts: Blogairy Policies
Reviews will be posted on this blog, Amazon & GoodReads.  If you'd like the review to be posted elsewhere, let me know and I will try my best to get it posted for you in a timely fashion.

My reviews are honest and based on my own reading and past life experiences.  If you look at the reviews on this site, you will see my review style.  My preference is to give a bit of background about the characters that I find most interesting and I do not provide spoilers.  There's also my voice in my reviews; that's who I am and very rarely will I do a staid, traditional review.

Generally, my reviews will include some of the following elements: story's plot (story arc), theme, major characters, major obstacles &/or turning point, background information that makes the story come alive (for me, at least), etc.  And sometimes, the review will discuss all of these elements and then some.

I do not incorporate author information in my "Book Thoughts" book reviews because I am reviewing the book not the author.  One cannot review a person, that is another form of writing! :-)

If you would like an author interview to be conducted, please let me know and we can discuss that.  I have conducted one author interview & giveaway on this blog thus far.  Please review it so you can see how it was done.

As far as the books being reviewed, I generally do not pay for them.  There are books that I reviewed on this blog that I did purchase.   Those are books that I found while browsing physical and online bookstores that were of interest to me.  However, when someone is requesting a review I expect the book to be provided to me at no cost.  Books are reviewed within 3 weeks of receiving the manuscript (please add additional time if a major holiday occurs).

I have no preference for genre.  I will read just about anything -- except poems, hardcore horror and anything with goo-goobs of the macabre or lots of blood/gore.

I will read:
  • Nonfiction
  • Short stories
  • Novellas
  • Novels
  • Sci-Fi (my favorite!!)
  • YA
  • Romance (my other favorite!)
  • Historical Romance (LOVE it!!)
  • Thrillers
  • Chick Lit
  • Literary Fiction
  • Etc.
Other than the aforementioned, I have no other review policies.

Below is the scale used when reviewing books.  Decimal points will also be utilized. (Yeah, I'm just a tad anal...)
5 Blogairy Notebooks - the book is AWESOME; no flaw in plotting, theme, characters, tight reign on POV & very few grammatical/printing errors.

4 Blogairy Notebooks - the book is really good; a compelling read. There may be a few grammatical/printing errors, or typos. This book has a good plot; a real page turner.

3 Blogairy Notebooks - this is an okay book. Nice plot, nice structure, strong characterization. Nice use of literary devices & is a great airplane read. May have had a couple of glaring grammatical/printing errors.

2 Blogairy Notebooks - so, you just need to read something and this landed in your lap somehow...

1 Blogairy Notebook - could not even finish the book, or skipped straight to the end to see how the author tied it up just so I'm not left in perpetual wonder.

Please send your book review requests to: noveldreams2007[at]gmail[dot]com