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Leaping Out On Faith... - a collection of 4 short stories about women and the challenges they face at different times in their lives.  The 4 women in these stories all meet their crises in different ways; some meet it head on, others shrink -- but they are reflections of what we do in our own lives.  

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The Magic Seeds - a children's picture books especially for reluctant readers. Geared for boys grades 5-7.  My son, Teraab Feaster wrote this book in collaboration with me!  

Johnny does a good deed for an elderly woman while he's playing in the park.  She rewards him by giving him a choice of a silver dollar, or a pack of seeds that she says are magical.  No brainer, right?  So, Johnny picks the seeds.  

You have to read this funny urban fairy tale set in contemporary times to see what Johnny's seeds grow.

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