About Me

The main thing about me?  I've been writing since I was 12.  The first complete story (including obligatory bad plotting) was in the 5th grade.  A superhero with a ginormous head and a penchant for cursing up a blue streak (sorta like Hancock...) saves the day by melting glass when all of city's water was stolen by 'the bad guy'.  [Uh-huh.  Steven Speilberg watch out.]  Yet somehow, my teacher Mr. Lustbader, felt I had talent.

Now, innumerable years later, here I am still putting pen to page and fingers to keyboard. While I've done away with the profanity, I'm striving to actualize the potential my 5th grade teacher saw in the young writer me.  Ultimately, the quality of my work is not for me to say, that's up to you.  You can start here with Chambray Curtains Blowing in the Wind.  It was published by Bartleby-Snopes Literary magazine in 2009.

Looking forward to chatting, sharing life vignettes, venting & reviewing great books with all of you. When you get a sec, stop by my website.  Even though I don't update it much (ahem...), I do still write a lot.  In fact, I  won NaNoWriMo -- National Novel Writing Month -- in 2012!  I wrote 51,107 words in 30 days and then completed all edits at the end of May 2013.  Working on the query and beginning to shop it around now.  It's such a long process!  But, I'm enjoying it. :-)

Oh, and one last thing...every Wednesday on this blog is Inspiration Wednesday.  So, if you would like to be a guest poster please let me know!  There are no word limits nor are there any rules except that you write something that inspires you, or is inspirational in some way to others (to writers, bloggers, people, Martians...).  Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,
Rochelle aka NoteBook Blogairy

P.S. - I just love Ernest Hemingway!  Here's one of my favorite pics of him.