Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Thoughts: Blood Awakening

Blood Awakening by Wenona Hulsey begins with a leisurely well-deserved getaway to South Florida. Kat and Nicole are young pleasure-seekers wanting only relaxation and a glimpse, or three, of "eye candy".

However, that first evening, Nicole's tete-a-tete with the gentlemen that Kat beguiled to join them, went downhill when Nicole felt a deep unease. She traced the disquieting feeling to an older gentleman's piercing gaze and was so disturbed by it that she abruptly ended the evening much to Kat's chagrin.

The next day, while things went smoothly during the daylight, the evening ended with Nicole and her possible new beau in hospital beds after a harrowing experience with the same older man who disturbed Nicole the evening before.

What follows for Nicole are a series of surprising discoveries about herself. She begins to exhibit some extrasensory abilities altering her life irrevocably. Yet, Nicole remembers vividly the promise that the old man said he would be back for her...

You've got to read this thrilling novelette so you too can begin the journey that is Blood Awakening. To help you start your journey, Ms. Hulsey is giving away a free book (for Kindle or Nook!) to a lucky Notebook Blogairy reader! Watch for details next week when we will be feauturing Ms. Hulsey here for our very first author interview!! Keep it locked!

My Rating: 4.5 Blogairy Notebooks

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