Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Thoughts: The Awakened: Book 1

Jason Tesar's The Awakened series is quite complex and interesting. While you know ultimately the hero will be victorious, the plot twists and turns in order for him to get there keep you sliding pages at a rapid pace.

The story revolves around a city called Bastul where Colonel Adair Lorus governs. He has a beautiful loving wife, Maeyrn, and son, Kael. Their home life is almost idyllic except for Adair's frequent trips to ensure the smooth running of the city. But one trip, did not end successfully with Adair coming home. He disappeared without a trace. One clue was left for Kael's tutor, Saba. Saba, practically a part of the family, is the only one who knows that something was terribly wrong.

After only a few weeks, the powers that be in government, sent a new governor in to replace Adair and that man wrecks havoc upon the lives of this close-knit family. Within a short time, the new governor banishes Saba from his home and the city, and Maeryn is forced to be his wife in all senses of the word and Kael? Kael is sentenced to die.

This is the setup that creates a story that spans over another two books (so far!). The story of what each of the main characters does in order to live their lives as best they can is fascinating.

Maeyrn, Kael and Saba all have very important roles and unbeknownst to them all, what they do is intertwined even though they are separated by time and distance. As a reader, you're always wondering if they will ever meet again...but I won't tell! You must read the book to find out!

On a scale of 1 - 5 blogairy notebooks, I give this one a definite 3.8.

Until next time -- Happy Reading!

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