Friday, April 27, 2012

Book Thoughts: Family Ties

Family Ties by Louise Behiel begins with a boisterous moving day for Andie Bowen's family.  They moved to a neighborhood that's established and settled (read: geriatric).  Andie's four children are not exactly what the neighbors wished for especially Grayson Mills, Andie's nearest next door neighbor but there's nothing to be done now.

Or is there?  In short order, a petition is presented to the neighbors for the ousting of the new fatherless family.  Simultaneously, harmful threats are levied at Andi and her children (whom are all foster children).  Grayson, although reluctant, pitches in to help protect his lovely neighbor and her children.  In his role as protector, feelings, emotions and new insights about his life bombard him almost from the first moment he lays eyes on the svelte Ms. Bowen.

Without throwing in any spoilers, I will say this read is worth the ride!  It's both a sizzling romance as well as a well-paced family situational drama.  The interaction between Andi and her sister, Dina, is priceless.  Both characters are very well rounded and developed in a story arc that is sure to please!

Rating: 4 Blogairy Notebooks


  1. The book sounds really interesting. This is my kind of book, and i hope to stumble upon it one of this days..Thanks for linking up in Exposure 99% weekday hop, and i look forward being part of your blog..

  2. Hi May!
    Been a busy time period for me! Since this posting, my novel, Opening Up, has become available and I'm super busy with author interviews and, of course, more writing! I definitely look forward to you being a part of my blog!