Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book Thoughts: Marked

In Marked: Soul Guardians Book One by Kim Richardson, the 16-year-old Kara Nightingale is rushing to get to an art competition.  Of course, Murphy's Law is in full effect and her alarm clock did not go off .  Kara's late!  In her haste, she drops her phone while crossing the street.  In the process of picking it up she is killed by a city bus.  That's where all the adventure of this YA novel begins!

This page-turner creates tension immediately -- how can the protagonist expire within the first few paragraphs?? Because she's a guardian angel -- yeah, that kind, except without the wings, halo or the long white toga...

Kara, in her Guardian Angel role (GA for short), has a hunky mentor named David that shows her the ropes and engages all of her other senses as well (which did not turn off when she died!).  In heaven, (this novel calls it Horizon), there's a rule that GAs are not to have intimate relationships but Kara is sorely tested as she gets closer to Petty Officer David McGowan.  They even share a sizzling kiss!

But their grueling work of saving mortal lives and their souls from horrific shape-shifting demons is a great distraction.  The work keeps Kara and David on the straight and narrow.  But when Kara gets the opportunity to go on a life-quest in order to earn the right to go back to her mortal life, will she go back and leave David in Horizon?  More importantly, will she survive the ordeal that is the life-quest?

The only way to know is to get this great read and explore the upper reaches of Horizon for yourself!

(Pssst!! - Parent/Adults: You'll enjoy this fun read yourself!)

Rating: 4.2 Blogairy Notebooks

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