Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Editing at 3 Months In...

Can we say torturous?  Agonizing?  But here's something new I'm learning at read-thru number 3 -- editing can also be rewarding and fun.  The first two edits were grammatical and structural.  This edit is the one where I am playing around with words, phrases, imagery, similes, alliteration, all the fun stuff we do in creative writing classes. 

Yeah, I still have to go on the laptop and put in the edits (as I am making my edits on paper when I'm not jacked in to the Matrix...) but if I do the edits electronically within a day or two of the paper edits it does not seem to be as daunting a task as when I waited and did the full almost 80K word manuscript editing on paper and then go back and wade through the edits to update the electronic manuscript.

I'm learning a lot!  Once this third read-thru is complete it's off to the editor for fine-tuning, content review and the biggie -- beta reading.  My editor will let me know ultimately if there's a story there and if it's a good or great one.

Worried about how that will go but there's no use in worrying.  At some point, I have to let this baby book out so the public can view it and it has to start with someone, right?  Who better than an editor!  (Rather than an irate, overworked blogger/book reviewer who has a year's backlog worth of books and gives your book 50 seconds to enthrall them.  And no, I'm not talking about anyone in particular.  Just sayin...).

It's quarter past midnight and it's high time for bed.  So, with a yawn and a stretch, I pat my fat manuscript good night and bid you all adieu until next time.

Happy Editing!

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