Saturday, April 13, 2013

Writing Time: Time Management for Writers

With 6,378 page views in the last year I feel like I've done something that's been appreciated. I enjoy blogging (as most of us do!). Why do something you don't enjoy, right?

But then, there's reality.

We have responsibilities, chores, families to visit, pets to groom/feed/walk/endure. ;-)

When do we find the time to do the things we're passionate about?  How do we manage our time to get ALL of the things we're supposed to want to do in with the things we must do?

Here are some links to others who have some ideas.  Share a few of your own to move this discussion along.

 This should get us all going!  I know some of these tips greatly helped me to get off my dufus!

Remember, writers write.  (We don't have to tweet, answer emails, or surf the 'Net for the latest and greatest for 6 hours a don't).  Writers write.

Authors don't just write with no endpoint, they finish books, submit them, get rejected or accepted, and write some more.
~ Samantha Hunter, 2008 RITA Finalist

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