Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bringing Down Your Muse

Bringing down your muse...
When I write I generally don't like music playing unless it's something Enya-like and it must be very low.  It's just background noise so my brain/muse can zone out.

See?  Really calming and relaxing.  Yes, some may want to go to sleep but in a sense that's what you have to do when you write.  One part of your brain must sleep.  That would be the active left-brain that makes you want to check email, hop over to Twitter and see what your friends are tweeting about, or just get up and do the dishes, watch a movie...you get the idea.

By playing something calming like this I find that the part of my brain that gets restless is lulled.  This way I can get the important work done -- getting the words on the page and the story structure I'm seeking fleshed out.

However, I find I need different types of music to get myself going when trying to come up with a new story, add a new plot angle, or flesh out a scene that's giving me trouble.  I am usually not actively writing for this.  I am 'thinking' but as you writerly readers know we're not really thinking.  We're casting our proverbial line into our psyche and attempting to engage our muse to help us.

For this writing activity I like a more upbeat driving beat that pushes me to move and do things that occupy my motor senses.  I usually do my thinking while cleaning, washing dishes, gardening, activities where my mind can again zone out but my body is in full action.  Something like Rob Duggan's Clubbed to Death is my preference.

This gets my brain pumped ready and focused on the task at hand.  It reminds me of the great trilogy that this track comes from (The Matrix) and I think of the great writing that went into these screenplays.  Another track that's equally effective for me is Khalghi Stomp by Transglobal Underground.  The global beat and Electronica helps me get right where I want to be!  It's mellow.  It flows.  It's cool.

This is how my muse gets down.  How do you get your muse to visit you?  Leave me your thoughts.  I'd love to hear them!


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  2. I have to listen to music when I write. The music has to match the mood of what I'm trying to write. I love Muse and listen to them often. When I revise,it is a different story. That's when I break out the Enya type stuff. For me, I love Chopin's Nocturnes.