Friday, April 5, 2013

Gluten-Free Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza from Pizza Arte in NYC

After yesterday's fiasco with the teriyaki sauce I played it super safe and ate only fruit, yogurt, OJ for breakfast and, of course some water.  On the way into the office I smelled the lusciousness that is Littly Italy pizza and wanted some for lunch.  As you can imagine, the do not make gluten-free pizza.

(P.S. - If you're like, what's gluten-free all about? Here's a short piece that will give you some more info.)

Went on a mission so that I can eat pizza that won't cause me to react and found (through Zagat) Pizza Arte on the Upper Westside on 55th Street.  Yes, it's pricey for a personal size pizza ($20.69 w/tax) but it is gluten-free has San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella (that is pasturized, if you need to know).  They bake the gluten-free pizzas in an oven since the wood-burning oven is for the gluten pizzas.  I was very happy to see they were very cognizant of separating the baking.

I did ask for my pizza to be cut and the chef said he could not do it as he did not want to contaminate my pizza with gluten as he was now working on a gluten pizza.  He sanitized his hands and washed a pizza cutter and asked another chef to handle my request.  Tres magnific! (Okay, so I'm not French.)

I grabbed my pizza box with glee and dashed out the door hardly able to wait to get back to the office.  And I decided in the middle of the street -- why wait?  Got out a mini slice and munched happily away in the midst of yellow cabs blaring, large trucks and their even larger wheels rolling past me as I dodged tourist pedestrian traffic by walking in the street almost hugging the parked cars.  [Yeah, I know.  I'm a true New Yorker with no fear of cars or bikes or rude delivery guys or -- you get the picture.]

The crust was decidedly overcooked but the bottom oddly enough, was perfectly cooked.  The crust was thicker than I would have wanted and a bit chewy but the texture was firm and did not mush away as you chewed.  It has a definite Italiano flavor with the fresh basil and the San Marzano tomatoes steal the show on this pizzette!  I am fairly aware of salt and this crust was good but I noticed the salt (which means for everyone else it's great; not salty at all!).

I let myself be satisfied with that little slice and blissfully waited to get back to the office to devour more.  With the sun shining on me as I made the 11-block trek back to the office I was the happiest gluten-free gal you ever did see.

So, if you're ever around W. 55th Street near the corner of Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave for you other folks) drop by Pizza Arte for a lunchtime gluten-free treat.

3.5 Blogairy Food Stars
(took off 1/2 a star for the salt)

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