Friday, June 8, 2012

How we DO AC...

So, last weekend we did AC.  You know the new promotion that Atlantic City media folks are pushing, right? DO AC??

You've seen this and other commercials, right?  Well, it got my Hun and I thinking and we took off for a couple of days to relax and not DO too much.

We had a blast!  We visited Maria's Luncheonette on Atlantic Ave.  Tun Tavern (part of the Sheraton across from the Convention Center). We partied (well, tried to at least...) at the 40/40 Club.  [It was SO dead that night (6/2) that we left after only 40 minutes or so.]  We stopped in at the famous Angelo's Fairmount Italian Restaurant.

And most of all we cavorted at the newly renovated Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.  Did I mention we browsed past Flagship which is located Uptown AC?  They offer timeshares there and it's a family-friendly establishment.  There's also a "passive park", the Oscar E. McClinton, Jr. Waterfront Park, right around the corner from Flagship where you can view the Marina.  Tres chic!  [Yeah, dunno what a passive park is...]

Did you know that Atlantic City is divided into three sections?

  • Uptown
  • MidBeach
  • DownBeach
Yeah.  Sure.  OK.

All the rest of us care about is -- where can I win the most money?  Which casino?? [Many people say DownBeach at Tropicana...]

Anyway, here's our trip in pictures.  Enjoy!!

Crazy NJ Parking Rules...

Angelo's Famous Fairmount Tavern - Chicken Florentine & Chicken Cacciatori
Gold-to-Go @ The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino (in the lobby)

LOVE this room!!

One of the shops at the Golden Nugget had this replica of the largest gold nugget found.

Really?? 40/40 dead on a Saturday night?? REALLY??
Yes -- REALLY!!

Good food at great prices. So, when you're down on your luck -- go to Maria's!
H20 Club @ The Golden Nugget (Yeah - 4 Jacuzzis outside!!!)

Tun Tavern's Terriyaki Chicken

Tun Tavern's Chicken Parmesan

Tun Tavern's Tun of Wings (they are AWESOME!!)

"I refuse to leave AC!!!!!!"


Wish this bathroom were mine...
Diva me (watch out Tyra -- here I come!)
You think Golden Nugget's taking the theme too far?? 30 chocolates in a box?? For $29.95??

My Dream House on Sunrise Avenue (seriously that's the name of the street!)

Gold pieces seen thru bullet proof glass on the gold-to-go machine

Me juggling technology

Yeah, I'm laying an egg.

Isn't he dreamy???


  1. Wow,with your picutres posted, I guess you have a great trip and a good stay at hotels in Atlantic City.

  2. We had an AWESOME time! You should go visit!