Saturday, June 16, 2012

Book Thoughts: Love Walked In

Francine Howarth, a wonderful UK writer, has brought us a fast-paced romantic thriller with Love Walked In.  The extra spice of the British dialect to tickle our ears and whet our appetites for me.  As a wonderful nod to her growing fan base here in the US, the leading man is American with beautiful eyes that can go from dark midnight blue to stormy cloudy skies but the intensity is still the same -- sizzling!

Cassie Douglas is married to a dashing, driven, man who's sexy and also happens to be a secret agent.  Cassie is not clear on all of the details other than she's madly deeply in love with him and she can never tell him, No.  Her and their two children, are happy -- most of the time -- especially when he comes home.  It's when he dashes out, or leaves in the middle of the night for weeks and months without end that life gets trying for Cassie.  That is, until her beloved Jamie is assassinated by terrorists.

Cassie's life is changed forever.  Not just by his violent passing and the enormous job of consoling the children and being strong for them while dying inside herself. As the months tick by, Cassie's life is not returning to normal.  Her son finds a computer game of his father's that has captured his attention and the unwanted attention of others!

Cassie and her family are in danger and they don't even know where to seek their enemy!  Within a day, American Major "Mac" McKinley, Jamie's closest friend comes to pay his respects -- 10 months later.

This fact does not immediately compute as Cassie recalls Mac's picture vividly from an old photo Jamie kept in his wallet that is now her only reminder of him.  Mac quickly becomes the center of Cassie's attention and very soon, her life.  She had fallen in love with him years before with is "wolfish eyes" but the rest of him was lean, strong and virile.  Cassie feels safe with Mac around but bullets keep flying and the game that her son found is seeming to implicate Mac in a number of murders. Cassie flees for her life, children in tow.

Read how Cassie's story ends.  Does she come out unscathed with a romantic partner for life?  Does she follow her husband to the other side?  Is Mac who he says he is?  The suspense is kept up until the very end.  This is a page-turner!  Once you become accustomed to the British tone, you will love this story!

My Rating: 4.5 Blogairy Notebooks

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