Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book Thoughts: Butterfly

Rochelle Alers' Butterfly is a sweeping drama of Seneca Houston.  Seneca comes from a middle-class family in upstate New York with a controlling Mom, a genius brother, a cute baby sister and a warm nurturing Dad.

Where's the conflict? Everywhere!

  • Seneca vs. her mother's fear and jealousy
  • Seneca vs. her sister's envy
  • Seneca vs. her own personal demons (fear of success, intimacy, men, being controlled, getting pregnant…)

Seneca's fears may seem commonplace however when you're an-up-and-coming international supermodel her fears take on a life of their own.  At eighteen, Seneca was studying at NYU as a film & theatre major.  However, a model-turned-photographer, Leon Mitchell, felt she should be in front of the cameras not behind them.  After three years doing catalog work, Leon convinced her to meet a high-powered agent, Booth Gordon; and that, shall we say, is history.  Seneca Houston was reborn as Butterfly who glides down the runway.

Her personal life wasn't quite as golden as her blossoming career.  Take a ride with Seneca and read about the seedier side of the glamorous world of high-fashion modeling.  Tag along through all of Seneca's up's and down's in this slow-moderately paced book.

If you enjoy romances with well-developed characters, realistic dialogue and a hankering to read about male eye-candy then Butterfly's for you!

Rating: 3.5 Blogairy Notebooks

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