Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Thoughts: The Grim

The Grim by Raynetta Stocks is a story of a woman who was pushed to the limits of her abilty to cope.  Jacinda "Jaycee" Baynes' lover, Tony, made her life a living hell.  But his charisma, machoism and his sheer sex appeal and popularity made him The On; so much so that her friends turned a blind eye to the obvious signs of physical and mental abuse.
The Grim follows Jaycee's journey from hell and back and it's a very bumpy ride one that she almost doesn't survive.  Through the efforts of a great lawyer, Jaycee is sent to a psychiatric facility instead of jail and along the way, Jaycee has cultivated friendships that helped her cope.  Yet, these same friendships almost cost Jaycee her sanity!

A nurturer by nature, Jaycee and her therapist work toward fulfilling the court's mandate which is Jaycee must recall the events of that eventful night where everything came to a head with Tony.

Something deep within Jaycee created layer upon layer of protectiveness to help her keep sane.  But, were those layers helping her?  This fascinating look at deconstructing a dysfunctional mind wrapped around a tight action-based plot makes reading The Grim a sheer pleasure.

P.S. - Please ignore the cover image where you see the Grim Reaper.  That image is not representative of this  story at all.  It is extremely misleading.  This is a story of self-discovery and ultimately of salvation.

Rating: 4.5 Blogairy Notebooks


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