Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5/27's Sunday Lunchable Book Party!

 With beautiful weather, our Sunday Lunchable Book Party at RedBowl in Williamsburg was wonderful!  For a major holiday weekend, we had a very nice turnout including some kiddies to welcome The Magic Seeds.  Food and drink were plentiful and so was the Tsingtao beer! :-))

We chatted about the short story collection, Leaping Out On Faith and the novel Opening Up.  When I described Bronwyn Mitchell, the main character of Opening Up, as a glam trophy wife whose husband comes home with a side dish for them to -- ahem -- play with.  They laughed and was amazed that I would write something like that.  Hey, sometimes you have to explore, right??

Bronwyn does leave her husband that very night and goes to her pied-a-terre in Brooklyn where she bumps into her ex-fiance who is now married.  Because there are unfinished emotions, Bronwyn and Troy fall right back into their feelings.  This creates major internal conflicts for Bronwyn and she swears off all men and begins the rigorous work of redeeming her soul through meditation, sessions with a life coach and a little help from a spiritual guide.

We played a few games where two lucky people walked away with copies of The Magic Seeds and a cool kids toy to while away coming summer hours.
 We also played the What If... game where we brought in some normal everyday items for people to get inspired and create their own stories.  You know, stuff like asofetida, glow-in-the-dark magic liquid, Gumby, a six-armed bendable happy-face man (with a red dot on his forehead...), a hand-drawn image of Memnon, a bronze medal, a frisbee -- you get the picture!  So, our party-goers had to create a story inspired by some, or all, of these items.

Well, the story started off with a little grandchild who needed more self-confidence and somehow asofetida was involved in helping them then Gumby became involved (who happened to be Eddie Murphy) and then -- you know, all I know is Tsingtao beer began being poured (or was that before we started the story...)

Well, you should have been there!

Thank you everyone for coming out and I look forward to seeing the rest of you at future lunchable book parties!

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