Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Plotting Genie for Book 2...

The outline for book two of my supernatural cop thriller was harder to write than the outline for book 1.  I thought it would be easier!  However, I was caught up in what was 'too easy' (plotting-wise!) and what was expected.  I did not want to be predictable.  So, with all of those considerations along with the normal plotting woes it took me over two months to create the outline's first draft.

I'll see how it reads later in the week and make changes but for now let's just say I am thrilled to have gotten this far!  I worked with my plotting genie and Mother Nature and gave birth to a daughter earlier this month and a new outline.  Hope you're having an awesome summer as well!


  1. My but you sound busy! I've just outlined the sequel to my book too.

  2. Yes! I try to keep up with my true work but my little angel needs me too. :-)

    Great to hear from you Leti! Thanks for commenting.