Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Motherhood & Writing

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for - Unknown
While trolling the internet, I found this quote and fell in love with its truth immediately.  I am a three-time Mom and the power of the above quote still applies! :-)

My daughter is almost a month old now and my head hurts now because of the long night we had and the really short day that was jam packed with admin stuff to do with the birth, insurance, etc.  I am so ready for a nap -- a LONG one!  But, I know that's impossible.  I need more diapers (even though I bought a jumbo pack the day before yesterday) and I need papaya tablets because my long night was caused by colic (gas).

So, napping is out of the question because she's sleeping now.  I need to get to the health food store and back quickly.  Yet, here I am sitting and tip-tapping away at my keyboard to record these thoughts and emotions as they roil through me.  Why am I doing this?  Because in addition to being a new mother, I am a writer.  A part of me was fast asleep for the last 6 weeks because I was in full nesting mode then went straight into giving birth and the postpartum stuff.

I've already had the obligatory blow up/out that was totally hormone dropping related and I think I've alienated at least 1 friend for the same reason.  I am fiercely independent and want to go back to 'my normal routine' as quickly as possible while knowing I need to absorb every moment with my daughter that I can.  The joys (and woes) of being a writer still plague me throughout all of this.

Earlier I read a blog post by Bushra Rehman about her new mommy-hood and writing.  I read with interest (read: envy) that she published her first book 11 weeks after giving birth to her daughter.  Even though my daughter is not even 4 weeks old yet I felt like such a slacker!

My writing bug has been kicking into high gear since NaNoWriMo last year.  I want to do things that I only dreamed about in the other decades of my life.  With a new little one here with me, she has shown me that anything is possible...even what we think is impossible.  My daughter has made me dream and hope again.

Whether I realize it or not, my daughter has already changed me simply by choosing me as her mother.  She is an amazing gift.  She helps me to look at the world with optimistic eyes once more.  On this day where we are remembering Dr. King's and his Dream my daughter inspires me to dream the dream again.

So, while I may not publish my book (a supernatural cop thriller) in another 7 weeks, I am open to the possibility of it happening.

What's your dream?  Are you still striving for it?  Great!!  If so, what steps are you taking towards your dream today?


  1. What a beautiful post Rochelle. You are truly a wonderful mother. Your children, your family for that matter are blessed with a mother/woman that has it all.

    This post brought tears to my eyes, remembering the desire and power of nurturing overriding my own wants and needs. That is the plight and joy of motherhood. You are a blessing and a testament to that title.

    God bless you and yours sweet friend...


  2. "The plight and joy of motherhood..." - I love this! Thank you, Taylor for your mothering instinct! I know from Margie you too have a strong unbreakable devotion to your girls. You inspire me by your realized creative dreams.