Saturday, June 8, 2013

The NoteBook Blogairy's 1st Ever Writerly Inspiration Week!!

Today is a glorious day!  After all of the torrential rains of yesterday, the sun we're getting is making me feel as if nothing can go wrong!  A perfect day to lead into The Notebook Blogairy's first ever Inspiration Week!

We're all writers (okay, man of us are!), and we do love knowing how other writers tick.  This is why we love knowing that Agatha Christie's writing ritual was to sit in a warm tub and eat apples while she wrote.  (You can't make this stuff up!)  And that Maya Angelou checked into a hotel and drank a bottle of wine to coax her muse to come to the fore.

This week seven writers will be speaking on the topic of inspiration with their own spins.

6/9: poetry and teen fiction
Antoinette Wells

6/10: writing & inspiration
Donna Yates

6/11: children & writing
K.C. Wise

6/12: Happy Hump Day! We have a virgin guest blogger who will share her inspiring story with us -- memoir style!

6/13: writing & self-discovery
Jaclyn Lyons 

6/14: Taylor's going to surprise us because she had a huge writerly inspirational week last week at Book Expo America.  Taylor was awarded 1st place in the IndieReader Discovery Awards for the Sexuality/Relationships category!!  Check it out here!  Congrats Taylor!
Taylor Fuchs

6/15: writing & books
Christine Rice

6/16: Food, Writing & Dad's Day!  Raynetta Stocks will regale us with all things food and how she spices up her writing the same way she spices up her culinary dishes.  This post will make all of you Dads smile!
Raynetta Stocks

So click through the links of these writers and get to know them a bit and then come on back each day this week and get to know them even better.

Ta-ta for now,
The NoteBook Blogairy

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