Saturday, September 14, 2013

My 1st Twitterverse Ramblings Post

Am totally loving being on Twitter today! Finally waking up from the birth of my daughter 6 weeks ago.  I'm seeing that there's a world out there (still).  I'm beginning to get a bit of schedule going and can sneak online for snatches of time all around the clock (including the wee hours of the morning...).

While digging around Twitter yesterday found out that I missed a Twitterverse Pitch Slam (#PitMad) where literary agents were asking for encapsulated tweets of your book.  If they liked the tweet they could ask for a query, partial, or full manuscript.  Somehow, I missed this!!  Was I pissed.

So, I decided to check out the US trends a couple of times a day and see what else was going on so I don't miss anything totally good.  Guess what I found?  Friday Night #writeclub! Similar to NanoWriMo writers from around Twitterverse come together and do word sprints on Friday nights and post their word counts. Totally loved this with NaNo and now I can join up every week and get my work done!  So glad I don't have to wait for November! (Sorry NaNo!!)

Then, when I couldn't go back to sleep after feeding my daughter shortly before 7am this morning, I checked the trends and found #booksaremybag.  It's a UK initiative to save local bookstores from being undermined by Amazon.  If you've been following my blog you know that I love baked goods.  Many of the bookshops have desserts on hand to entice book buyers to come into their shops!

The above are pics taken from tweets during today's trending topics #booksaremybag!
They even have cool bags to give to each book buyer!
I even met a book star on Twitter - Barney!  Check out his picture below...

Barney is the star of the book he's reading...Thanks John Donoghue (@JohnDonoghue64) for this great pic! Hope you're still enjoying the bookshop hopping!
(Happy Sigh) I love Twitter.


  1. I think it has been a really good campaign which started today, as like libraries the small local bookshop is disappearing, even the major chains are having problems. Some of the tiny bookshops have so much atmosphere, they can always order a book that is in paperback or hardback if you want it.

    The thing is now in this digital age, people will sit behind their computers to order there books, many of the bookshop do have website but are swamped by larger companies that provide books and also with the introduction of the ebook, even the paperback/hardback is slowly becoming a thing of the past. But what every form people read a book, it is still great when you get one that makes you laugh cry or pulls you in, there is nothing better.

    I'm also glad you met the beautiful barney who is a real charmer by the way.

  2. Jane, thank you for you lovely comment! How long is the campaign going to run? Do you think the campaign will cross the pond to the US, or other parts of the world?

    Everyone's having trouble with local bookshops for the same reasons you express. Paperbooks are becoming obsolete and it's a shame on one hand for us the book and paper lovers.

    However, it's a step in the right direction for us to collectively step more lightly on the planet. I have mixed feelings. But, bookshops can be brought into the loop of ebooks by providing incentives for buying ebooks in-store. I'm sure that can be worked into marketing structures. It will take some thought and ingenuity to make it work for all involved.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!

  3. It was interesting to read of your adventures on Twitter. I've tried Twitter and after a great deal of effort decided I'm more of a Facebook girl. But it's amazing how much the social media has changed things for those who are plugged in to them.

  4. Hi Nissa, I'm so sorry you didn't connect with Twitter! It took me a while (still learning as you see!) but I'm getting the hang of it. It's such a vibrant ever-moving medium! I love it. For me, I don't get FB. Can you explain it to me?