Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creating a Life Worth Living By Slaying Your Depression Giant

Creating a life worth living is something that happens with each and every decision you make.  You can make your life more exciting -- or depressing -- if you choose to buy a pineapple passion smoothie, or pick up a can of V8.

Say you're trying to make a decision about what to read you pick up the popular book (50 Shades...???) instead of delving further into the genre you're crazy about.  What does that say about how you feel about yourself and your choices?  [Everyone else is more important than your own good opinion.]

What if you choose to do the breast-stroke, or the back-stroke when you do your laps in the pool instead of doing your regular ole stroke? 

Yes, shake it up!  Do something differently than you've been doing.  It doesn't have to be major it can be a small change.  Instead of watching the same programming you watch all the time why not try a new show, another type of movie, another gaming experience?  The only way to create a life worth living is by stepping outside of the box and doing something that -- gasp -- you may be afraid to do.  Okay, maybe not afraid but you are definitely uncomfortable trying the new/different thing.

What I'm getting at is uncovering your latent talents and gifts that are being hidden by whatever emotions you favor today/this month/this year/this decade.  Our inhibitions and phobias change as we experience new life situations.  Many times, our lives give us even more things to feel uncomfortable about but our job is really simple.  Don't try and head it off and chop off the head of the giant.  Instead, chip away at the gnarled toenails of said giant until those toenails are super-model gorgeous.  Once you see how silly this giant looks with buffed and fab toenails in hot pink you may start re-thinking some other things about your giant.

[Just in case you didn't get it, this 'giant' is whatever fear/phobia you're running away from.]

Here's a little secret, the talents you're given in this life are yours and yours alone.  If you don't dust them off/unearth them/excavate them -- NO ONE ELSE WILL.  You may feel like you're life is meaningless or that nothing you do matters (i.e. - you're depressed and you have no idea why!).

I'm not saying not to seek professional help if you're feeling blue but you've got to start looking at the less obvious to get to the root of the matter.

Here are some links to help you delve further into slaying your personal giant: