Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book Thoughts: The Magick Host by Jacquie Gallo

The Magick Host by Jacquie Gallo centers around Skye Evans, a young man with purple hair and a big heart.  He's been in love with Amy Watson since they were in grade school but its been unrequited.  Why?  Because they're both so young and inexperienced they don't know how to proceed.  However, besides this, Skye is not your normal everyday young man.  He possesses magical powers that have left people...dead.

While he tries to control the destructive nature of his powers it is his emotions that truly control him.  This, of course, leads to trouble in the form of drawing the wrong type of attention -- vampiric attention.  Some of the vampires that are drawn to Skye and Amy are helpful, some not so much.

Skye and Jack (who is Amy's best friend and he also befriended Skye), must continually fight for their lives while realizing that there's something even more unnerving about the source of Skye's powers.

The premise of this vampire story was not clear initially.  It seemed as if one story was being told -- love conquers all.  Then, about halfway through there was an unfoldment that shifted the story's plot to -- revenge is sweet.  Ultimately, The Magick Host is a story with high ambitions that are not fully realized due to technical and grammatical missteps.  In three places, the characters are referred to by another name.

If you can overlook these things, and see the story as a whole, it does bring satisfaction in the end.

2.5 Blogairy Notebooks

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