Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 28...

Colored kaleidoscopes are a nostalgic way to view one's past.  The hues help one to see previous events with a different lens; a different perspective.  But that's all it is, a different perspective.  The events are the same but how we now look back at those events tells the journey of how we came to become what we are today.

It's now the predawn of Day 28.  It's really early, or really late -- depending upon your perspective.  Day 28 of what?  National Novel Writing Month.  I've been totally obsessed with it all month.  My word count is almost at the desired goal of 50K.  It's now standing at 47,060 -- less than 3,000 words away.

But what, why do I hesitate?  Why did I watch 5 episodes of Fringe yesterday delaying and shortening my writing time so close to the finish?  The last of the demons?  Who knows.  The real significance of doing this writing blitz challenge is that I've done something very differently from what I've done before.

I've pushed through quote, unquote barriers in time.  I said I didn't have any time to write.  Well in 27 days I wrote over 47,000 words.  I'm not going to denigrate my success by qualifying if the words are "good" I'm going to say they are but that's immaterial.  I wrote an outline with all the milestones of the story.  I have stayed on plot and on track throughout the month.  The characters are relating well to me (they're still kind of pushing me around and doing what they want to do but hey, you can't have everything!), writer's block?  What's that?  And I've done research as well.

I can never say -- it can't be done -- ever again.  I just need to focus and find the time to get the story out of my head and into reality.  Thoughts float from head to head, I've been told.  So, if I don't put it down in reality...someone else will.

I hope you all had a very enjoyable and memorable Thanksgiving.  I know I did.

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