Saturday, July 21, 2012

Short Story: Twerking Cougar

Recently, I completed a short story that had been playing around in my mind for a bit.  In the midst of writing it, I fell while rollerblading, fractured my dominant writing hand wrist (ugh, right??) and wasn't able to finish it in the time frame I wanted to.

So, it is now done!  It's called Twerking Cougar.  To read it, just click either link.  You can also access it by going to the "Short Story" tab in the upper right of the "Home" page and go right to the story.

From time to time, I will be posting new stories there for your reading pleasure.  Sometimes long ones, (like this one), or sometimes, I'll post flash fiction (less than 1200 words).

Without further ado, here's the synopsis of the current story...

Twerking Cougar

Shonell Murphy, a mature and sexy woman in her early 40's, is a dancing diva at night and trendy working stiff by day.  The typical woman except for the fact that secretly, she never wants to get old.  She dates younger men, she keeps her relationships inconsequential and her friends are at minimum a decade younger as well.  Shonell has a phobia when it comes to ageing.

When her doctor tells her she has extremely high blood pressure and she has to change her lifestyle Shonell...ignores him.

Out clubbing, Shonell meets a Yuandre Maban.  He's an attractive self-possessed hot yoga instructor that intrigues Shonell with poetry and insightful comments.  However, their budding romance is halted by a downturn in Shonell's health.  She must face her inner demons; but will she be able to face them head on?  Or, will she take the easy way out?

(P.S. - I am healing.  My wrist still cannot rotate but I can type reasonably well.)

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